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Nettle and Kale Soup

First harvest of the season, bulk of it being nettles but enough extra bits to add in too!
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Home Grown Salad

Home Grown Salad - all grown in the garden and greenhouse over the last 4-8 weeks.
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Haven’t used the Nutribullet in far too long, so dug it out today to do a smoothie for a break from working in the garden which got a nice sprinkling of snow last night. Forgot how much goodness you can get in one glass from it, back in full use for sure from today. Below
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Wicked Kitchen No-Turkey Roast Crown

I’ve seen the Wicked Kitchen ready meals before, and I think I’ve had a couple a while back, but this is my first time seeing and trying an actual cooking product – ‘Wicked Kitchen No-Turkey Roast Crown’. This actual looks look a full sized double turkey breast, with “butter”, bay leaves and stuffing!Just pop it
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Spicy Black Bean Soup

I love Black Beans, they are so versatile - fry them up for tacos, buddha bowls, burritos, mash them together for balls, or put them in a soup. This is a great one for a winters day, full of goodness, warmth and taste.
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Pakistani Coddle

Coddle is an Irish dish which is often made to use up leftovers, and therefore without a specific recipe. However, it most commonly consists of layers of roughly sliced sausages and rashers with chunky potatoes, sliced onion, salt, pepper, and herbs.
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Pickled Jalapeños

First time pickling so no idea how these will turn out over the coming days! They should last a couple of months in the fridge but I’ll get through these in a week or two. Some people add sugar to their mix. The heat will change the colour to a more olive colour. Cover all
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Aldi Bean Burger and Tia Lupita hot sauce

Years back, I’m talking guts of 20 years there was great bean burgers, Tesco sold them, they were even maybe Tesco brand, a perfect mix of chunks and smooth. Then they disappeared and everything since was mush. Then recently Aldi brought out their ‘Plant Menu’ range, and these bean burgers were the closest to those
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Black Bean & Chick Pea Balls

A variation on the Black Bean Balls from a couple months ago. This one has no rice, but does have a shredded fresh beetroot and a couple of shredded carrots, and coated in some panko breadcrumbs.
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Denny meatless sausages and Raijmakers Heetmakers Hot Sauce

I recently got a large supply of hot sauces from a great Dutch company (Heat Supply) selling a great range of sauces. I’ve been working my way through them all, and this one I tried on some sausages from Denny’s new meatless range. I think its a new range as I hadn’t seen them before,
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(Mild) Chilli Sauce – Trial 1

Testing out chilli sauce while I wait for my chillies to grow – hopefully! This turned out fairly mild so I’ll double the chillies on next try. I like things spicy, but don’t like watering eyes and coughing!
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Window sill growing: Chillies – batch 3

Three types of chillies this time, I’m pretty sure they are: Scorpion, Green and Red Birdseye. A serious tip first, and one I usually do but didn’t have any – WEAR RUBBER GLOVES. Luckily I didn’t get chilli juice in my eyes but I did get it in my beard and on my nose and
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Window sill growing: Chillies – batch 2

So the lockdown boredom experiments continue! This batch of chillies I decided to germinate using the wet paper towel method – place the seeds between two sheets of wet paper towels, put in a little plastic box and leave on the window sill. Some methods put the paper towel in a plastic bag and in
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Window sill growing: Chilli

Seeds! I should probably wait until I have my first batch of chillies before blogging about them, but the COVID-19 lockdown (I hope you are all doing well during this time) is on, don’t have any work on, I’ve done everything that needs doing in the garden and house so I’m bored (don’t do xbox),
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Window sill growing: Kale

The last batches of Kale I did I moved outside once they got to a couple of inches high. This batch I’m going to keep inside at the window for the “Window sill growing” project. I only put the seeds in the soil on the 24th April, today is the 27th and half them have
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Garden Overhaul

So the side of the garden doesn’t get much use, even the grass was a bit out of hand, all thats around there is my shed, but its a nice little sun trap from early afternoon until late in to the evening so I wanted to do something nice with it. So I got some
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ALDI Plant Menu – No Chicken and Jackfruit

Another round from the ALDI Plant Menu range. I believe they have 4 – Spicy No Chicken Burger (review here), No Meat Burger, Jackfruit Burger and regular No Chicken Burger. The No Chicken Burger, is very different make-up to the spicy one  – inside and out – but fairly decent, up there with the competitors
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ALDI Plant Menu – No Chicken Spicy Burger

Theres not many processed product (lines) I like, Vivera had some great stuff but sadly my local Tesco stoped stocking it months ago. The other day on a lockdown trip out for supplies! I came across this new product in the ALDI freezer, Plant Menu – Spicy No Chicken Burgers. (They also do Jakefruit Burgers
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Black Bean Ball Spaghetti

First try at something like this, so experimenting with ingredients to bind in to the balls. Worked out pretty well, not suitable for frying, but cooked fine in oven and stayed together until putting a fork in, crumbling nicely. Packed with taste and the brown basmati gives a nice chew to contrast with the soft
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Lentil Coconut Curry

Another quick one, all done by time rice is cooked. Recipe for single serving. Another nice a quick 15min meal
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Mad Easy Linguine

As easy as it gets, if this is beyond you you’re a lost cause! 😉
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Tofu & Chick Pea Curry

The curry base is enough for 3 servings when served with tofu and rice. Adjust rice (10-25mins depending what you use) and tofu (10mins) cooking times if you want to let curry base to simmer for longer. A tasty dish thats great in the winter and summer.
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Apocalypse Noodles

Tasty and super simple. If you can’t get to the Asian supermarket, I recommend Tofooco which I used here and most bigger supermarkets stock.
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Nettle, Spinach and Carrot Soup

This is a nice quick and ultra healthy soup, and so thick its more than just a snack, with or without some bread this could be your dinner. Most ingredients you can easily grow yourself and of course the nettles are free, love foraging! When picking the nettles use some decent gloves to avoid getting
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Buddha Bowl

It might seem like a lot of ingredients and effort but this is really very easy, and great one for doing some prep for the next day or two. Really tasty and really fresh. I was out of coriander for this one! A great fresh dish, and one great for lunch the next day too.
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Spice Bag

I had my first spice bag (being hearing about it for years) recently as I found one that had tofu option and while it was nice, it was way too salty (thought I might die! and I love salt) and the tofu was deep fried to death, so I thought I’d try my own. The
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Chickpea, Lentil and Spinach Stew

Can be done in 15mins, but some simmer time lets everything blend nicer. Total cooking time: From 15 mins (depending on how long you want the stew to simmer).
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Coconut Curry

First time in a while to prepare something thats not in a pitta or wrap! Very easy, just give yourself enough time for the spices to cook nicely in the coconut milk. The sauce is enough for about 3 serveings.
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Miso Noodles

Takes as long to cook as it takes for the noodles to be ready! Literally 15mins to prep, cook and serve up.
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This is enough for one serving, and is a great lunch or dinner. Add some sides like avocado, carrots, toast. I’d usually have celery sticks too but all out. Who doesn't like hummus? Idiots.